The San Francisco Project

The San Francisco Project is one of my many challenges in 2010.  There are multiple reasons why I love this city, but first and foremost I love to explore the ethnically diverse cuisines, waiting to be discovered in the alleyways of the financial district to cozy Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights.  Tastes ranging from Vietnamese to Italian to Peruvian to Chinese can be found in the over 4,000 restaurants that span this amazing city.
Although food is a passion of mine, The San Francisco Project is not limited to food alone.  I will also explore coffee shops, tea houses, wine bars and pubs… whatever I’m in the mood for I will seek out!
The way it works is simple: 6 months.  26 weeks.  11 San Francisco districts.  Two destinations per week.  52 destinations total.
So, sit back and enjoy my personal opinions and experiences as I traverse the main roads, back roads, alleyways and waterfront for mouth-watering tastes, interesting atmospheres and hospitable waitstaff…
UPDATE: I made my goal, but much to my dismay I have found little time to write about 52 different dining experiences!  I plan to fill you in on the ones that scored the highest in my book!  Stay tuned…

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