I finally know myself… so what will I do with that knowledge in 2010?

7 Jan

“It’s time to be a big girl now and big girls don’t cry”.  That’s what Fergie says…

Have you ever heard the saying NEW YEAR, NEW YOU?

It’s not entirely true; no one can snap their fingers and become something or someone totally different.  Sure, small changes are a possibility, like a new exercise regimen, kicking those bad habits, or maybe creating a new perspective behind one’s blog posts…

There you go!  I said it so please hold me to it!

2009 bred change in my life: a time of reflection, constant questions and a look inside my soul in an attempt to understand what makes me tick.  2010, however, is going to be a year of celebration and welcomed challenges.  It’s a time to use what I’ve learned about myself to create opportunities and expand upon newly discovered talents.

What will I do with these newly discovered talents?  The knowledge of my own identity?

If I knew the exact answer to this question, every detail, then 2010 wouldn’t be a challenge would it?  I could list some of my thought processes here, like DINING or having COFFEE in a NEW RESTAURANT every day in SAN FRANCISCO, then BLOGGING about it afterwards… SUBMITTING my FIRST SHORT to the magazine SKIRT! for potential PUBLICATION… MEETING that new special SOMEONE and FALLING madly in LOVE…

…the list goes on and on…

and on and on…

What I can tell you is this…

For those who read my blog religiously, and for those that will come to know me over the course of 2010, you will see that I am more ambitious than ever, harnessing my energy and putting it to good use.  Hopefully you will find my blog posts more enlightening and empowering than ever.  You may even learn new things about yourself along the way.

Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times…

secure any belongings as we are not responsible for lost articles…

and enjoy the ride…


2 Responses to “I finally know myself… so what will I do with that knowledge in 2010?”

  1. Sara January 7, 2010 at 9:28 am #

    Love your thoughts for 2010! Here’s to creating new opportunities!

  2. Joerg January 7, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    Challenging thoughts and reflections from an interesting woman!!!

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