Holidays: connecting with the familiar and the comfortable

16 Dec

As I sit here on this comfy 70’s style golden couch, surrounded by low lighting and 80’s music, I am reminded of why I like this restaurant: it’s a combination of everything I have ever known.  It reminds me of my grandmother’s olive colored vinyl couch that served as a stopping point for my tiny young frame as I sat engrossed in the Muppet Show.  It reminds me of high school dances; the days when my only worries were which mini-skirt I would wear, how much I could tease my hair and if any guys would ask me to dance.  It reminds me of what appeases me today; free wifi, an interesting selection of imports on draft and unique people to create new and interesting conversation.

What does this have to do with the holidays?

This is why I LOVE the holidays… it takes me, it takes us all to something familiar, something comfortable.  When life throws you curve balls on a daily basis, sending you on a roller coaster of disorganization and occasional chaos, it is nice to reach out to something that is usual.  Known.  Familiar.

That is what the holidays mean to me.  It is a time to reflect.  It is a time to take comfort in family, friends, and memories.  It is also a time to create new memories.  New memories remembering the old memories.  That is what it means to me.

Oh, and now there is a Debbie Gibson song on the radio… whether you like or dislike Debbie Gibson is besides the point.  She reminds me of a particular crush in my adolescence; I often sat and daydreamed of this boy.  It really doesn’t matter what happened all those years ago; what is important is the warmth it creates inside me.  The smile it puts on my face.

Christmas is the same for me… I can see my brothers’ eyes on Christmas morn’: bright, amazed and carefree.  How many times in your life can you truly say that you feel bright, amazed and carefree? If it comes just once a year, from a time when magic stirs in the hearts of millions, dreaming of sugar plums, then so be it…

I hope the holidays are as magical for you as they are for me.


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