My obsession with flight: God did give us wings… sort of

9 Dec

Airbus 330-200, 330-300, 340-300… you name it, I’ve flown on it!  My obsession with flight didn’t magically appear or show itself overnight, nor did it come out of choice necessarily.  It also isn’t something you would expect a female with a rather large clothing budget and a Barbie collection still tucked away in the attic to be discussing on a blog about life and relationships.  But hey, as you may have guessed by now, I am full of surprises!

My childhood vacations typically consisted of a family road trip to the closest mountain town in eastern Tennessee, spending our evenings riding go carts and our days consuming junk food and walking around outlet malls.  I wasn’t acquainted with air travel; I preferred the comfort of our family Buick with four rubber tires meeting the pavement at any given time.

As with most people who find themselves in a sales related position, travel was inevitable.  I began early in my sales career taking short jaunts to surrounding states for training and the essential meetings.  However, this experience wasn’t what one would call exciting or in any way something to obsess about: puddle jumpers as I liked to call them, regional jets, etc. were my usual transportation sources.  I often dreaded the constant hum that would ring in my ears, exponentially adding to the pain often felt due to my inability to clear my ears.  What fun did I find in this?

In 2003 the new job came… a position that forced me to experience international travel with little warning.  What was once a 45 minute trip to Washington DC was now a 8 hour trip across the Atlantic, landing in a Scandinavian country that was as foreign to me as anything I had ever experienced.  Much to my surprise I quickly became accustomed to this new form of travel; the Airbus was my new best friend.  Sure, I flew Boeing from time to time, but I had a crush so to speak on the Airbus line of aircraft.  They carried me thousands of miles from my loved ones and everything I knew, safely transporting me to my peaceful oasis or home away from home.  They returned me just as safely as they whisked me away!

Over the years I began to feel at home on these gentle yet strong giants.  Due to circumstance they had become a safe haven to transport me from one world to another.  They carried me to see the ruins of Athens, the safari parks of South Africa, the dandelion covered hills of Bavaria, the romantic streets of Paris, and not to forget the beautiful American Rockies and the rugged coastlines of our country!

God gave us wings, sort of… a way to see whatever our minds, hearts and souls wish to see on this beautiful earth…

The inspiration for this blog came from a flight from Philadelphia to Frankfurt, Germany this past Saturday evening.  I had a 3 flight journey to get to my final destination, but knowing this did little to dampen my spirits.  I did my usual routines on each flight: settling in with my iPhone close by, dozing slightly and then waking for refreshments, reading and meeting my neighbors, etc… But it wasn’t until I stepped off the aircraft in Frankfurt that it hit me: I am obsessed with flight!

The large Airbus 330 came to a stop just short of the usual gate area.  Frankfurt is an amazingly large and high volume airport, so in this instance we had to settle for exiting the plane down a metal staircase and working our way to the terminal via a series of buses.  As I stepped from the plane, I was hit with a rush of cool air as the early morning sun was yet to greet us.  I could see the lights from neighboring planes, many circling in the sky with anticipation, hoping to land and deliver a tired and weary group of passengers to their destination.  Suddenly a familiar sound caught my attention; a rather large Quantas Airbus was pulling into a neighboring gate.  It was the double decker type; an A380 to be exact.  It’s presence was enormous… the sheer thought that this beast, this metal animal with a take off weight of nearly 900,000 pounds, had moved through the air at speeds over 500 mph to carry a diverse group of individuals to this place, was nearly unimaginable.

The feeling at this moment left me with a new understanding that I do not just appreciate flight for the places it takes me, but for how it takes me there. For what makes flight possible.  And, being a North Carolina girl, a little smile came to my face immediately and I said under my breath: THANKS WILBUR AND ORVILLE...


4 Responses to “My obsession with flight: God did give us wings… sort of”

  1. Bryan December 10, 2009 at 12:24 am #

    Hmmmm, envy or jealousy? That is truly the question here. I come from an entirely different place, one of an extreme lack of traveling.

    Perhaps that’s what feeds my intense desire to travel…. everywhere, to see everything this wonderful world has to offer. Growing up in So. Cal. we never traveled much. I’ve been to Arizona, of course to Mexico and as I recall my family once flew to Boston to accompany my Father on a business trip. I was maybe 8 or 9 so I don’t remember much, just a world of snow and as I had never seen snow prior to that, it was amazing to say the least.

    Therefore I would have to admit that I’m jealous more than anything else. The fact that you’ve done so much traveling is something I can only dream of. And when I hear people complain that their flight was delayed a bit, I have to laugh as I can only wish it was me sitting on the tarmac waiting to head off into the wild blue yonder. To lands unknown.

    Perhaps I’ll book my next flight on Richard Bransons “Space Tripper”. Maybe that will make up for all my “lost” flight time.

    • carissajones94 December 10, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

      I hope someday you can experience the world the way I do, and I hope someday I can experience life the way you do. You have such a wonderful view of life in lieu of some bad luck that has come your way. An amazing optimism encompasses you… that is powerful.

      Thanks for the comments!

  2. Mattias December 10, 2009 at 11:39 am #

    Du är för rolig Carissa!

    • carissajones94 December 10, 2009 at 1:41 pm #

      I know I seem funny sometimes, but I am serious about this post! I hope you enjoyed it… my Swedish partner in crime…

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