What I am passionate about: a new blog series

14 Oct

crush-it-book-255x300Last night, while reviewing something I am passionate about, I came across a new book release slated for today, October 13th, entitled “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk.  I hadn’t heard of the author, let alone the book release.  I am somewhat of a sucker for motivational reading, so I dove deeper into this unknown yet appealing author.

I soon discovered a short video where Gary is suggesting that we (we, being writers in this case) shouldn’t fall into the track of always writing about the same thing.  One avoids being stale or stagnant if pen ink or, in my case, key strokes are not always saying the same thing.  In other words, writing should include what you are passionate about!  If you have been blogging about relationships, as I have, and suddenly you find yourself deeply engaged in French Impressionism, then by all means write about it!  You will open new channels of communication with readers that may have otherwise been unaware of your existence.

So what, you ask, is my passion that led me to this author?  Well, it is a rather broad subject but will need to be shortened here due to a lack of time (it’s late) and a lack of sleep!  One of my passions is harnessing as much knowledge as possible in the business world to develop my skills as a creative marketing director and as a team leader.  To some it may seem like a run-on sentence that could be shortened to the following: I want to be good at my job.  However, it’s not as simple as it may seem.  I not only want to be good at my job; I want to be great at my job.  When I am reading my favorite business magazine, Fast Company, their ideas breed ideas within me.  This in turn generates an enthusiasm that becomes somewhat contagious in my small but strong sales team.  My passion for the innovative, for the opportunity to be the best at something and to change the face of my market niche today drives me on a daily basis.  Business magazines, motivational books, authors and professors with real life success stories, women in powerful positions… they are my fuel.

If I am forced to summarize this passion, above and beyond the face of my career, I must simply say this: I AM A DOER.  80% of people wait for things to happen, while 20% of people make things happen.  I want to be in that 20%. It is a demanding position to be in, but for me it is the most rewarding.  Without reading the book I cannot say for sure, but I can’t help but assume that people who “crush it” will have earned their way into the exclusive 20%.

What category are you in?  The 80% or the 20%?  Is it where you want to be, or are you there because it is comfortable for you at this time?

Do you feel the same sort of passion in your career?  I know everyone cannot, but it is my wish that you can feel that energy, that drive, at least once in your life.

I’m off to sleep now, my new book lying on the bedside table… waiting for me to crack open the pages and be inspired!


PS  Please look for a new passionate topic each week!


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