20 Sep


Oh, the desire to forget as time marches on

To slow the progression of the finality of life

What was once a dance with fairies, a magical celebration

To be a snapshot of innocence lived long ago…

Oh, to dance again… what does it mean?

To gaze upon one’s face through the flicker of candlelight

Surrounded by natural darkness yet light burns from within

To release your demons and accept love in its place…

Oh, to celebrate the future, how can it be?

To receive a thousand kisses, each soothing the uncertainty of tomorrow

A haven from the storm that rages around us

To embrace the unknown with all of our being

Oh, the universe… it’s path not so straight and true

To bend and curve, to ebb and to flow

Yet unusually clear on this darkest of night

To deliver me to a place where fairy dust is all encompassing.


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