12 Sep


The bitter chill, the kind that stings to the bone

The dry, translucent powder crunching beneath my soles

Yet no cold can be felt, only hope

The sun’s gentle rays seep through the pines beckoning for my release

The stage is set for each crystal structure to perform

Dancing its way down to complete the white blanket below

My heart sings as the quiet engulfs me

Quiet has a sound and it is glorious… a chorus of a thousand angels

Soothing and melodic as one

Each breath… the warm necessity of life

Every cool inhale… a reminder of existence

Of a blessed road taken and an unknown path laid forth

Peace, desire and COURAGE now find me

A celebration is unfolding

New experiences on the horizon…

Love lost will be found again

Pain will heal

I will embrace life with all its splendor and glory.


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